Actrade International Limited was incorporated 2013 of foreign direct investment and based assembly products and international trade facilities, and expanding operations of an existing business in Hong Kong. The expanding of global trade is better able to relate and recall recognized of international brands and companies. We have taken great care to maintain the uniquely global trade.


  We will show you how service business can be managed to achieve customer satisfaction and profitability. In addition to studying key concepts organizing frameworks, and tools of services marketing, we will also be introduced to many examples from firms across around the world, From the experiences of other firms you can draw important lessons on how to succeed in increasingly competitive markets. Clients are not always happy with the quality and value of the services they receive. Both individual and corporate customers complain about broken promises, poor value for money, lack of understanding of their needs, rude of incompetent personnel, inconvenient service hours, bureaucratic procedures, wasted time, and a host of other problems.


 Nevertheless, ours firm have made significant progress in reducing variability by carefully designing customer service processes, adopting standardized procedure, implementing rigorous management of service quality, training employees, more carefully, and automating tasks.


 We are often involved in co-productions Some services require customers to participate actively in co-producing the service product. you’re expected to help the service provider understand what your needs are, how much you want to investment the kind of risks you are willing to take, and the expected returns. This will enable the service provider to give you advice on what to invest in.


About us

 We provide an overview of today’s ever-changing service economy, define the nature of service, and highlight some challenges involved in marketing services.


 Services cover a huge variety of different and often very complex activities, making them difficult to define. Early marketing definitions of services described services as “acts, performances, or efforts” and contrasted them against goods by arguing that they had different characteristics from goods – defined as “articles, devices, materials, objects, or things. This thinking has since advanced further and now focuses on the lack of transfer of ownership when buying a service. None of these purchases resulted in actual ownership of something. If you didn’t receive a transfer of ownership the last time you purchase a service, then what did you buy? The distinction between ownership and non-ownership is a one that has been emphasized by several leading service marketing scholars.


 More recently, entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the internet to create new services. There innovations of particular interest are Electronic commerce channels can be offered together with physical channels or take the place of physical channels for delivering information-based services. Service distribution may take place through physical or electronic channels or both, depending on the nature of the service. Many service organizations find it cost-effective to outsource certain tasks, often these are supplementary service elements.


 The use of different channels to deliver the same service has vastly different costs for a service organization. It also affects the service experience of the customer Although, electronic commerce channels rend to be the most cost-effective, not all customers like to use them. This means that, if we want to move customers to electronic commerce channels, we may require different strategies for different segments.


 Development in electronic commerce and computer technology have given rise to many new approaches to service delivery. In the industry, reservations are increasingly handling via firm’s websites. For example, industry had an entire campaign to increase online bookings, especially among the important business segment. We will services billing and payment (e.g. via credit card) can all be transmitted through the online channel. In fact, many businesses have moved the majority of their customers to online channels, offering a one-stop solution to corporate clients, wholesalers, meeting planners, small and medium enterprises organizations and general customer services.


 We are an experienced in services marketing and provide a variety of services every day. Services are economic activities offered by one party to another. Often time based, these activities bring about desired results to your business.


 We distribute products to those who buy for resale or commercial use.